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Itinerary Options

Each and every Itinerary is Customized for every client we work with. We have also created a few micro itineraries which be done on their own or as modules as a piece of a whole trip.

These Mini – Itineraries are based off of experiences that we have had and thought would be good to share, and also based off of the most frequently asked for locations.

If you chose you would like to use one of our micro itineraries please contact us, let us know which one you would like. We will send you a form to fill out, once we process your Credit Card/PayPal, we will Email you the PDF with the micro itinerary you have purchased.

Please note that when you purchase these micro itineraries you are NOT purchasing our services of booking, or as a travel agent in any way, you are only purchasing the time it spent to create the micro itineraries. Our services will be separate if you so chose to use Dream Japan as your travel agency.

Available Mini-Itineraries