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omotenashi’ is the generosity and selflessness that is at the heart of service

Extrodinary Experiences, Tailored for You!

Travel allows us a glimpse into the locals’ lives, gives us a better understanding of the history, and traditions of other cultures, and lets us learn more about ourselves in the process.

Dream Japan was created in 2020, I wanted to create an agency that could offer handpicked accommodations, unique experiences, knowledgeable guides, white-glove transportation and so much more while delivering a window into the diverse cultures, history, and arts of Japan.

I design Custom Independent travel, Family travel, along with Small Private Groups. The itineraries created are detailed and designed specifically for you. My aim is to have your travel experience fully immerse you in the culture and unique experiences.

My Experience

In 2015 I started the journey of becoming a travel advisor, I have been mentored by a Condé Nast tour planner and president of Esprit Travel and Tours. I have learned from the bottom up, I did not immediately jump into the advisor role but took my time to learn how each trip is created and how to plan out the flow of a trip so it best compliments the way you want to travel. I believe that by doing this I gave myself the best education as a travel advisor to be able to provide you with travel experiences that are special, engaging, and immersive and that best highlight the incredible arts, food, and culture of the country that I have fallen in love with.

I received my Japan Travel Specialist Certification in December 2018, and I am currently working on my Destination Wedding and Group Tour Certifications, along with my ASTA-verified Travel Advisor Certification. I recently had the privilege of attending GTM West 2022, which is an exclusive travel supplier conference.

I travel to Japan regularly to continue to foster the personal relationships I have with the hotels, artists, and local suppliers I use to create your travels. I carefully select tour operators & suppliers, ensuring each one shares the same standards for high quality in their products, that I have. Through my connections with these partners and my personal connections in Japan, I am able to include traditional tea ceremonies, send you to hidden gardens, have you stay at unique hotels & ryokans, and make sure that any local event or ceremony taking place while you travel, is included in your itinerary. The trips that I create perfectly complement your personality and travel style, allowing you to experience the true cultural value of the locations you travel to.

& My Expertise

Custom Planning Services

Custom Planning

The individual special interest trips we arrange for you in cooperation with our vendors & suppliers are equal in quality and experience level that you would expect from a personalized itinerary.

Client Care & Agent Coordination

We believe in taking responsibility for your trip which includes travel coordination and ensuring you have an in-country point of contact; we coordinate closely with our chosen suppliers to ensure your trip goes smoothly and is what you dreamed it would be.

Travel Insurance Advice & Booking

Over the last couple of years, there have been drastic changes to travel: new travel requirements, unexpected delays, and complications due to COVID-19. We expect there to be more changes and difficulties while planning & traveling. Travel Insurance is incredibly important and sometimes now required by the destination you are visiting. I can help you choose the best option of coverage for your trip – that will cover your flight, baggage, delays, your land tour, existing and pre-existing medical conditions, and cover you for everything COVID-related.

Airline Guidance & Ticket Purchasing

I am always happy to provide insight & advice on current options for your air travel. For anyone booking Business Class or higher, we offer Airline Guidance, & Coordinate for your flights. If you are purchasing your land portion of your trip with me, I will include your air travel no matter the level of seat class you are wanting.

Family Travel Coordination

Coordinating family trips is something that has become very important for an agent to be able to do. I do it all – infants, kids, or a large multi-generation trip – I understand your desire to make sure everyone has a positive and memorable

Special Experiences

One of the unique, aspects of booking with Dream Japan are unique items that we weave into your trip, they are a part of what makes your trip that once-in-a-lifetime event. When we select our suppliers, we ensure that they provide these experiences that will turn your personalized itineraries into that breathtaking experience you’re looking for!


I strive for authenticity –in how I communicate with you as the traveler and in how I create your travel experience. As a travel provider, I want to fully understand your individual needs and desires for your trip and exceed your expectations by creating an extraordinary and memorable experience. I want you to feel welcome, valued, appreciated, and know I care about your dreams.

Omotenashi is, the highest level of service, it is being kind, thoughtful, and aware of others. This is not just a Japanese principle or way of life, it is the highest form of Hospitality in Japan, and it is ingrained in their life. Omotenashi is the main philosophy of Dream Japan, it’s at the foundation of the services I provide.

Professional Fee’s

The process of researching and creating a customized travel proposal that matches your travel desires takes time. The professional fees cover your initial consultation and discussion of your trip dreams and expectations, time spent researching, developing, and creating the perfect customized itinerary, booking and managing all components, and support while traveling. Our professional planning fees vary based on the length and complexity of your vacation.

For more information, a detailed list please, and to start planning click below.

Behind Dream Japan

Danielle Jardine

Danielle Jardine

Owner & Travel Planner

I am a Colorado-based travel Advisor and have been working in the travel industry for eight years. I believe that travel allows us a glimpse into the locals’ lives, gives us a better understanding of history, and lets us learn more about ourselves. Travel has always been a fascination of mine due to the diverse cultures, history, and arts that each country has.

Individually Crafted Travel Experiences


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