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The reason I have Frequently Answered Questions is because over the last few years of doing travel for clients I have found there are certain questions that continuously crop up – it doesn’t matter weather your traveling to Japan, England, the Caribbean, going on a Cruise, or taking the Family to Disney.

The questions are the same, so my goal is to compile questions and answers that can help any traveler in any situation. If you don’t see the question you have or the answer your looking for please contact me through my ‘Get In Touch’ page, and ask me. More then likely I can help you find the answer and some else out there will benefit from your question.

Note that there is a General FAQ Page, a Japan FAQ page, and there will be other FAQ pages, spesfic to regions and types of travel coming soon. This is a work in progress project I have started in 2020 because of the extra time I have due to COVID-19.

Speaking of COVID – 19 I have a page spesifically for COVID updates, please refure to that page for any COVID related questions.