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Japan FAQ’s

I want to make sure you are completely prepared for your trip to Japan. That includes having an understanding of Local Laws, Visa Information, Credit Card usage, Tipping, Currency, Customs and Manners and much more.

I have created this based off of past clients frequently asked questions, along with the information I think will benefit you in planning and while on your trip.

Japan is a very wonderful country with intricate customs some of which they expect tourists to follow and others they are so intricate it would not be fair to expect you to.

On custom that is followed is no tipping, its just not done. You give exact change or expect to be given what you are owed. For most Westerners, it is a foreign concept not to tip. Currency is something else that is important to understand. It’s not complicated but it is something that with understanding becomes easier.

The laws are important to know because there is no leniency and “not knowing” is not an excuse they will accept. Always keep your passport on you at all times. This is not just for Tax Exemption purposes while shopping, it is because it is the law in Japan to have identification on you at all times.

Take your time and read through the documents and feel free to search the JNTO website for more ideas for your trip.