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Sample Itinerary

Each Itinerary is customized specifically for each client and their family/group/individual trip that we discusses in our consultation. This itinerary will be customized to you and you alone, we do not copy trips from other clients, as we believe each person should have their own unique memories when traveling. We can revise the Sample Itinerary as many times as you would like until you are satisfied with your itinerary at which point it will be time to put your deposit down on your trip.

After we have had the one hour consultation and you have approved your trip outline, we start on your Sample Itinerary. Based on that initial information we got from you during your one hour consultation and any other correspondence you’ve had with us, we create you a Sketch Itinerary
of the route, types of accommodations, and other services we can provide, and we think will fit what you are looking for. After getting your feedback, the Sketch Itinerary is revised if necessary and we are now able to turn that into your sample itinerary.

Please note that the pricing you see on the Sample itinerary is not a final price until, you have placed your deposit on your trip and your trip has been confirmed with you, in writing.

The estimated price that you will be quoted will include the actual cost of the services: hotels, transportation,
guides, tours etc. There is a Cancellation fee should you choose to not book with us after having received the Sample itinerary, this fee includes all the expenses involved in making the arrangements (e.g., phone, fax, FedEx, etc.) and our time in making your arrangements.

The price of the trips are not broken-down item by item but is a package price which reflects all the above services and costs. The cost of the Cancellation Fee is $250 this fee will be charged ten business days from the date you receive your sample itinerary; in order not not be charged you will need to approve of the sample itinerary with a written confirmation and of your want to continue the planning process with a deposit or with changes to the Itinerary.
Regardless, if at any point you choose not to use Dream Japan Travelâ„¢ before making your non-refundable deposit you will be changed the $250 cancellation fee.